Planning Tips for Your Summer Neighborhood Block Party

May 16, 2017

As the weather continuously improves you are bound to see the neighborhood kids playing outside, residents working on their gardens, and everyone engaging in more outdoor activities in general. A great way to celebrate the beginning of summer and a chance to get to know your neighbors is organizing an AWESOME block party. There are many things to be considered before sending out the invitations, from event rentals to neighborhood permits, so make sure you have a block party planning checklist like the one below.

Policies and Permits

Allow enough time to find out what your city’s requirements are for organizing neighborhood festivals on public property. For example, if you want to close down your street for the event, you’ll probably need to obtain permission with a permit. You will also need time to apply for the necessary permits if you decide to provide alcohol, play music, or host the event at a public park. Every area is different, which means every area has a different set of rules and regulations. You’ll also need to find out how long permits and applications take to be processed because this could cause delays in planning or could require you to find a new location all together! Don’t do anything without complying with local ordinances. There would be nothing worse than your neighborhood soiree being shut down by authorities as your guests are arriving.

Event Rentals

Planning a party involves organizing hundreds of details, from invitations to decorations, food and activities. Even though you may not be organizing the party on your own, you and your neighbors should look into companies that provide event rentals. A one-stop party supply rental shop for your party needs would be ideal. For example, if you are hosting an event for which you will need a rental tent, it makes sense to rent your tables, chairs, and linens from the same company. This will help you in the long run keep track of where funds are being allocated to. It will be much easier for one company to set up and pick up all the party rental equipment needed rather than hiring multiple companies who need to keep track of separate items. A street festival is a large undertaking and a party rental company can provide tables, chairs, linens, tents, decorations, and more. Let the professionals help you accomplish your goals. To assist with costs, you could ask for a small cover charge so that everyone in the neighborhood pitches in.

Food and Beverage

With the tables, chairs, and tent taken care of, it’s time to talk party food! Ask your neighbors who are interested in attending to bring a dish to share. When sending out invitations assign some neighbors appetizers, entrees, desserts, and beverages. Be sure to ask them to RSVP so you have an idea of what will be needed and how many people are expected to come. When the party is underway, ask for volunteers to help dish out food to help prevent guests from taking too much and keeping others from trying the food.

These tips will put you on the right track for hosting a fantastic summer neighborhood block party. With a large undertaking like this, it will be imperative for you to utilize a reputable event rental company, be aware of your city policies and procedures, and coordinate food and drink with your neighbors. After this memorable shindig, you will surely be the talk of the town.