Liners & Drapes

Here at Allied Event Solutions, we can meet all your party and event rental needs. Whether you are organizing a corporate event for your business, planning a baby shower for your sister, hosting a bridal shower for your friend, or throwing an anniversary party for your grandparents, we understand that getting all your event rentals in one place is going to make the process a lot easier. That’s why we offer tent rentals and top-quality liners and drapes to create a beautiful space for your event!

Tent Ceiling Liners

Tents are popular for all sorts of outdoor events, whether that be a wedding reception, a bat mitzvah, or an office holiday party. When it comes to keeping your guests comfortable, utilizing tent accessories like flooring, climate control, and lighting is ideal. However, tent ceiling liners will truly make a statement! Dress up your event or party with sleek liners that create a dreamy and soft atmosphere.

Tent Leg Drapes

When our team sets up your tent for your party or event, we can add tent leg drapes. With a variety of color options, you can choose liners that best fit your event’s theme. They will improve the look of your event tent, thus impressing your guests.

Tent Pole Covers

We also offer tent pole covers, which do precisely what their name implies. Instead of seeing metal poles in the ground, guests will see durable white covers lining the poles of your event tent. They create a sleek look and add elegance to your outdoor festivities.

Rental Services You Can Count On

When it comes to tent rental accessories, you probably aren’t thinking about liners, drapes, and covers. However, these accessories play a big role in improving the overall look of rental tents! With the assistance of our dependable and experienced team at Allied Event Solutions, you will have a polished tent outfitted with a beautiful ceiling liner, leg drapes, and pole covers. We always set up our rentals for our clients so you have one less thing to worry about as you pull together the final details of your party or event.