Climate Control

Maintain Your Guests’ Comfort

No matter what type of event you are organizing, ensuring your guests are comfortable is a must. Here at Allied Event Solutions, we prioritize climate control solutions so your event tent is the ideal temperature throughout your event. Specifically, we offer tent pole fans, pedestal fans, mushroom heaters, tent heaters, and Heat Wagon brand heaters. These high-quality options will allow your guests to mingle, eat, drink, and dance the night away without feeling too chilly or too warm.
A comfortable event space encourages guests to stay longer and participate in various activities. For example, if a wedding is too hot, guests may not want to dance with the bridal party! Or, on the other hand, a corporate event that’s too cold may sway workers from staying through the entirety of the event to network. However, a pleasant atmosphere with the proper temperature will likely have a better turnout for the entire evening and offer excellent feedback from attendees.

Understand Our Propane Options

If you have your own propane tank, feel free to bring your own to heat your event space. However, we understand that there are many moving parts when it comes to planning an event, whether that be a wedding, a bat mitzvah, a corporate event, an office holiday party, or something else. That’s why our team offers propane for heating at the market rate! This way, you can simply arrive at your event space. Our friendly workers will set up all your event rentals, including tents, flooring, tables, chairs, linens, dishware, lighting, and climate control appliances. Keep in mind that our mushroom heaters and tent heaters require propane and the Heat Wagon requires diesel.

Contact Us Today

At Allied Event Solutions, we take pride in our high-quality rentals, including the climate control appliances our customers appreciate. If you are ready to get started with our services, be sure to give our team a call today. We’re happy to review your options with you no matter what type of event you’re organizing!