Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know what tent size I need?
Stand-Up Cocktail Reception — 6 sq/ft per person

Seated Reception
Round Table of Ten or Less — 10 sq/ft per person
Rectangular Table of Ten or Less — 8 sq/ft per person

Buffet — 100 sq/ft per table

Cathedral Seating — 6 sq/ft per person

Dance Area — 5 sq/ft per person

Band Area — 25 sq/ft per person

How do I know what size table linen I need?
72″ Round 60″ Round 48″ Round 36″ Round 30″ Round
30″ Height
30″ Round
42″ Height
6′ Banquet 8′ Banquet
90″ Round 9″ drop 15″ drop 21″ drop 27″ drop to the floor 30″ drop overlay overlay
96″ Round 12″ drop 18″ drop 24″ drop to the floor 33″ drop
108″ Round 18″ drop 24″ drop to the floor 39″ drop
120″ Round 24″ drop to the floor 3″ puddle
132″ Round to the floor to the floor w/sash
60″ x 120″
15″ drop sides
24″ drop ends
15″ drop sides
12″ drop ends
90″ x 132″ to the floor
90″ x 156″ to the floor
54″ x 54″ overlay
72″ x 72″ overlay overlay
90″ x 90″ overlay overlay
Do you deliver?
Yes.  Standard delivery cost varies according to city.  A same day delivery/pick-up, timed delivery/pick-up, or off-hours delivery/pick-up may incur additional cost.  A minimum rental purchase may apply.
When do you require payment?
Payment is needed a the time rental items are picked up. For deliveries items must be reserved with a credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMX). One day prior to delivery the charge will be applied unless a C.O.D. has been arranged.
What are your rental periods?
All prices are segmented into categories of 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.
What are your business hours?

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am – 5:00pm
8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed

What other terms and conditions should I know about?
Cleaning and Breakdown

We ask that all china and flatware be returned rinsed and free of any food debris. There will be an additional charge for any equipment returned unrinsed.

Damage Waiver

What is a Damage Waiver? Damage waiver protects customers from having to pay for most damages that may occur to rented equipment.
How much does it cost? The damage waiver cost is shown on the front of your contract. No damage waiver is applied to sales, delivery or tax.
How does it work? In exchange for the damage waiver we agree to absorb the cost of most repairs to rental equipment. Without damage waiver, you are required to return equipment undamaged or pay to have it fixed, up to the full cost of the equipment.
What is not covered?–Disappearance of equipment–Missing parts or accessories–Cleaning charges–Gross negligence
What is gross negligence? Gross negligence is the abuse and misuse of equipment during operation and transportation. For example, running equipment without oil or equipment falling from vehicle.
Is there a deductible? No. Damage waiver is not insurance. It is a waiver of our contractual right to have equipment returned in the same operating condition as when it left.

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