Residential Events

Planning a party or other residential event can be tricky, no matter what it is that one may have in mind. Graduations, birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement parties, family reunions, and wedding and bridal showers can all be big events, especially if there is an extensive guest list! Anyone that may want to host one of these events in their own home, backyard or somewhere else in their neighborhood will find Allied Party Rentals to be a big help.
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Whether the party or shower that one has in mind will be set indoors or outdoors, they will be happy to know that Allied Party Rentals can be there to provide all of the necessary amenities. Tables, chairs, linens, and tents of the highest quality will be waiting in abundance. Staging, event ropes, raffle drums and more will also be there if required by the hosts!

Allied Party Rentals can also provide their customers with a number of options concerning food and drinks as well. Large ice chests can keep a wide assortment of beverages cold, while Crescor cabinets and a hot charcoal grill can keep food coming for any number of guests! Attendees will always enjoy themselves with a steady supply of tasty food and drinks on the way.

Allied Party Rentals has been servicing the Maryland, Virginia and D.C. areas for over 50 years, and is still eager to help meet the needs of anyone looking to throw a fabulous residential event. With an acute attention to detail, the dedication to continue providing the highest quality products and the desire to always leave their customers satisfied, Allied Party Rentals looks forward to helping people throw amazing parties and events for another 50 years!