Round Tables vs Banquet Tables — Which Is Right for My Event?

May 10, 2023

Your next big event might need a few tables, but if you’re torn between options, it can be hard to choose. Part of you may want to invest in banquet tables, while you may also think round tables will work well. Let’s break down the differences and benefits of these two table types to ensure that you make the smartest choice possible.

Benefits of Circular Tables

Round or circular tables provide many advantages, such as compact size and a unique shape that makes dining easier. For example, your guests will see each other more comfortably at these tables, which can improve their visit. These tables also transport easier and often fold up for even simpler movement. Furthermore, round tables often fit better into square spaces and take up less room, which makes them perfect for smaller areas.

Benefits of Banquet Tables

At first glance, banquet tables seem like an obvious choice for your party. After all, according to our sources, chair, and table rentals are essential for small- and large-scale events, such as meetings and weddings, and often display food the best. That’s because they’re usually rectangular and more compact. Even better, banquet tables can sit more people, which can be great when you have larger families coming to the event you’re hosting.

Making a Tough Choice

We strongly suggest choosing a circular table for your guests when dining. Though they take up more space when spread out, they make conversation easier. Even better, most are typically inexpensive compared to banquet tables, which makes them easier to fit into your budget.

As for banquet tables, they’re best when serving a lot of food or displaying multiple items. For instance, you may use them at conventions or other events to display your business’ goods. In this way, you can showcase as much as possible.

Making the best decision between round tables and banquet tables requires sitting down with professionals that you can trust to help plan your event. Please reach out to our team at Allied Event Solutions to learn more about rental tables. Our team will ensure that you’re satisfied with whatever option you choose. We offer a free, no-obligation estimate, so you can ensure our rentals fit within your budget.