What Beverage Service Options Do I Have for My Event?

May 25, 2023

If you are hosting an event, including weddings, festivals, corporate events, residential parties or any other type of event, you need to ensure that you have enough beverages for your guests. Fortunately, our party and event rental company is dedicated to ensuring that there are many different beverage service options available for the various types of events you may be hosting. Read on to learn more about the beverage service options that we can provide for your upcoming event.

Beverage Dispensers

If you are hosting an event, you will need beverage dispensers. Our team knows that different types events need different beverage dispensers. This is why we offer a wide range of serving dispensers, including coffee urns, coffee percolators, insulated coffee servers, two gallon beverage dispensers, hot beverage containers and cold beverage containers. This allows you to serve your guests everything from coffee to tea to lemonade to sports drinks to water.


Another beverage service option that we offer is a bar. We have a variety of different bars in different colors and different wood types available. This is perfect if you are hiring a bartender to serve alcoholic beverages to your guests. If you do plan to serve alcohol, you should plan on providing about two to three glasses per guest at a cocktail party.


The final type of beverage service option that we have available is coolers. This includes beer tubs, party coolers, ice chests, and fill and chill tables. Coolers are the perfect way to keep bottles of water, cans of soda, or cans of beer cold until guests come over and help themselves to the beverages that are being served.

Here at Allied Event Solutions, we have proudly served Maryland, D.C., and Virginia for the past 50 years. Our longevity and success are possible through our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality products to meet the needs of any party. Our attention to detail is consistent no matter how big or small your event. We look forward to serving you for another 50 years. If you are hosting an event, let us help you with the rental items you may need, including beverage service options. Call us now and let’s work together to ensure you have everything you need to be the perfect host.