A Party Supply Rental Company Can Help You Have a Great Backyard Graduation Party

Apr 24, 2023

Graduation time is almost here, so it’s time to celebrate a special day with your graduate. If you’re looking to host a party in your backyard, then party supply rentals can help make it extra special. Allied Event Solutions is the perfect place for event party accessories and festival equipment for your party.

1. Fans

Graduation time usually takes place during the summer season, and it can become hot and humid. Make sure your party guests stay cool with fans from Allied Event Solutions’ party supply rental selection. Choose from a variety of fans ranging in sizes and power, so you can be sure you have enough to keep everyone cool.

2. Raffle Drum

Make the party more lively by creating a raffle with prizes. A drum makes it easy to mix and draw for prizes, and your party guests will have a blast. Everyone can have a chance to win a prize.

3. Easel

Create a display with an easel. An easel is the perfect party accessory to showcase any party decorations, party favors, or even photographs of the graduate. You can use a mini easel for smaller items, or a larger one if you have bigger items to display.

4. Drape Booth

For party guests who need a break from the party, having a drape booth is essential. The party supply rental at Allied Event Solutions has different types of drapes available to make your party booth extra special. Choose from sheer, sparkle, and more.

5. Z Base Rack

A huge coat rack has many uses. If guests have jackets or bags they’d like to store, it’s a great place to hang them. It’s also perfect for party decorations such as balloons, streamers, party favors, and more.


You can ensure party-goers stay in one area by having barricades. It’s an effective way to keep guests in one area so you can party safely. If little kids are there, you can also keep them safe by having barricades.

Party supply rentals are a great way to make your party extra special. Allied Event Solutions’ selection is perfect for any party you’re hosting in your backyard. With these party accessories, you can make sure your party is perfect.