What Equipment Do Street Festivals Need?

Apr 11, 2023

As summer comes upon us, street festivals become a popular way for cities to celebrate. Regardless of the size, certain equipment goes into making a street festival run smoothly. At Allied Event Solutions, we have all of the event and festival equipment you need to host a successful outdoor event. If planning such an event, here are some items you should have.

1. Generators

Generators can provide power for sound and lighting systems, meaning the celebration doesn’t have to shut down when the sun goes down. They come in various sizes, so you can pick one that fits your power needs. Use them to provide light, music, and even power back-of-house operations like concession stands.

2. Cable Ramps and Protectors

Cable ramps and protectors help to minimize tripping hazards by keeping cords away from pedestrians. Providing a safe environment is important for any event, so this is an essential piece of festival equipment.

3. Barricades

Festivals can see an enormous amount of foot traffic, making barricades a necessary piece of equipment. They provide a physical line for crowd control and can be used to block entrances or direct people around the festival grounds. They also help to create a secure environment by providing an additional line of security.

4. Mushroom Heaters

Mushroom heaters are perfect for street festivals that take place in the cooler months. They provide a great heat source without taking up too much space. They’re an easy option for those events that last long into the night when the temperature drops.

5. Trash Bins

Any festival is bound to have tons of trash. There are food concessions, drinks, and, of course, all the fun giveaways. Having enough trash bins is essential to keeping a clean festival site. Place them strategically throughout the festival grounds, so people don’t have to walk too far. It should be easy for all attendees to properly dispose of waste.

With the right equipment, a street festival can be successful and fun for all. 48% of event planners begin planning for their event 6-12 months in advance, which is a wise move when looking for the necessary festival equipment. At Allied Event Solutions, you can find all of the gear you need for your street festivals.