How to Figure Out What You Need For a Party & How Much of It You Need

Apr 13, 2022

There are several things that you can do to ensure that your party goes smoothly. If you do your research properly, you can have a successful party even if you don’t have a lot of planning experience. One of the most important things you will need to do is to figure out what you need for a party and how much of it you need. For instance, did you know that for a party of 15, you need to have a supply of 200 napkins? Knowing this and other important pieces of information will help you plan a successful event. Here are some other things you will need to figure out.

Create a Planning Checklist

If you don’t want to leave out any important supplies, it’s important to first come up with a party planning checklist. This checklist should include invitations, the menu, party event rentals, and all equipment needed. You should also list everyone that you need to hire if you think extra help will be necessary.

Figure Out the Number of Guests

For you to know the number of supplies, you first need to know the number of guests who will be at your party. You can easily do this by totaling the number of R.S.V.P.s you receive. To avoid recalculating, it’s wise to wait for about two to three days after the R.S.V.P. date. This will give your guests a little leeway, given that you will likely have a few stragglers who will reply late.

Factor in Unexpected Guests

Apart from using RSVP, you will also need to calculate the number of unexpected guests that you might receive. For instance, some guests may decide to come with their significant others or their children. If you don’t want your guests to invite others, it’s best to mention that on the invitations. This will help you lower the number of unexpected guests.

To accommodate unexpected guests, you must purchase about ten to 15 extra of each supply. For instance, if you are ordering 30 plates of food for your official guest list, play it safe and make them 40 or 45 in total. The good thing about being overprepared is that it won’t have any negative consequences. If there are no unexpected guests, you can always have extra for the ones present, and you can even have your guests take some food home.

Planning a party isn’t that difficult, as long as you take your time. A checklist will be quite helpful to ensure you don’t forget all the important details like party event rentals. If you need help with party planning or party event rentals, get in touch with us today.