Winter Wedding Tips for a Magical Cold Weather Celebration

Dec 16, 2014

Although summer is considered by many to be “wedding season,” there are plenty of other couples who don’t want to wait for warm weather to get hitched. While winter weddings can be challenging given the unpredictable weather, it’s still possible to have a beautiful wedding during the coldest months of the year.

If you’re thinking about holding a wedding around the holiday season or sometime after, be sure to follow these three tips for a beautiful holiday wedding.

1. Choose a comfortable venue. As the temperatures outside drop, temperatures inside can vary widely. For instance, some larger venues may be cold and drafty when they’re empty, but as soon as guests start packing in, the room can become stuffy. Be sure to choose a venue that has plenty of ventilation but will still be able to keep guests cozy. And a winter wedding indoors doesn’t mean that you have to shun the outdoors completely. Some spots make for great wedding photos in the winter, whether they’re festooned with holiday lights or blanketed by tranquil snowfall.

2. Don’t go overboard with holiday themes. Unless you’re really into the Christmas spirit, it’s probably best to stay away from a theme that could get your wedding mistaken for a holiday party. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate some seasonal elements into your wedding and reception. Candles make a great addition to any wedding celebration, especially in the winter, because they can provide warm, cozy lighting in any space. Snowflakes, fairy lights, and icicles can also contribute to a winter theme without feeling too inappropriate for the occasion.

3. Use party rentals for weddings to complete the look. When most people think of wedding rental supplies, they may think of outdoor tents and tables. But event rental companies do more than backyard events. Party rentals for weddings can include high quality linens and wedding decorations, as well. And yes, these event rental companies can also provide you with suitable tables and chair rentals should your venue not supply them for you. Wedding linen rentals are available in just about any color in order to complement your theme, and they include table cloths, table runners, napkins, chair covers, and more.

When you plan your wedding, you’ll want all of the details to be perfect. Be sure to work with a great supplier of party rentals for weddings to make your day special no matter what the season.