Planning a Party? Here Are Three Types of Event Rentals You May Not Have Planned For (But Should)

Jan 9, 2015

When planning a birthday party, wedding reception, family reunion, or other large event, most hosts know the basics of what they need to rent for their celebrations. Not too many people will forget their table and chair rentals for their guests or their wedding linen rentals to match their theme. But there are certain aspects of the tent rental, food service, and entertainment that could get overlooked.

When you choose your party event rentals for your celebration, be sure to remember the details. Here are three types of rentals that you may have overlooked in your planning:

Tent Rental Accessories

Tent rentals are usually item number one on any list for party event rentals. But what many people fail to consider are that tents can do more than just provide a simple cover for guests, and they can be used in more seasons than just the mildest days of summer. Tents can come with either heaters, fans, and air conditioning in order to keep guests comfortable. For added luxury, tents can also be constructed with sub-flooring or Astroturf for a more even surface. If a tent needs additional security, barrels, pole covers, and other accessories can also be provided.

Food Service Supplies

Food is a big part of any celebration. Whether you’re having it catered or you’ve made it yourself, your meal will need proper presentation and storage. Food service rentals can include anything from platters and bowls for serving to chafing dishes and coolers to keep food and beverages hot or cold. And don’t think that a big event like a wedding is limited to disposable dishes only if you’re throwing the reception yourself. You can also rent china and glassware from a party event rentals service to give any celebration a touch of class.

Stages and Dance Floors

A stage rental serves as the perfect spot for a live band or a DJ. No party is complete, however, without a dance floor for guests to enjoy music and entertainment. Dance floors are especially important because they provide a flat surface for dancing and mingling. If you need these and other entertainment items for your event, be sure to ask the rental company about setup, tear down, and delivery for an easy celebration.

Before completing any party rentals, be sure to ask if there are any other supplies or accommodations you may need for those items. Checking — and double-checking — your list could save headaches when the big day arrives.