Renting Friends for Your Wedding? In South Korea, It’s As Easy As Getting a Tent Rental

Aug 7, 2015

In the United States, it’s not uncommon for marrying couples to use table and chair or tent rentals for their weddings. But in South Korea, brides and grooms are renting something else entirely: friends.

NPR reports that Korean couples who need to fill extra seats at a wedding have the option to rent some extra friends to keep up appearances. Those ‘friends,’ however, are paid actors who earn about $20 per wedding (plus a free meal). One of the actors who attended this wedding said that she sometimes attends two or three per day during peak season, and she’s done about 70 in the past 18 months. NPR reporter Elise Hu sat in on one wedding where a couple had rented 30 such actors. They come from an agency that provides all kinds of ‘fakes’ for Koreans: fake bosses, fake parents, and even fake lovers for anyone who might need to hire one.

Renting friends might seem odd to Americans, but, in fact, using rentals for a wedding is actually fairly common. You might not want to rent friends, but here are some essential wedding and party rentals that are perfect for your big day:

Table and Chair Rentals: One of the biggest priorities that couples have before getting married is making sure that they have plenty of room and seating for their guests. Table and chair rentals help keep guests comfortable, and they’re ideal for events that include sit-down dinners. Table choices range from small circular tables to long banquet styles, all accompanied by a number of chair styles.

Linen Rentals: Planning a wedding involves hundreds of little details, especially for brides and grooms who want themed weddings. One way to find a theme is to choose three colors and carry them throughout all accessories, from invitations to decorations. Furthermore, 93% of brides use the internet in their wedding planning, drawing inspiration from sites like Pinterest. This could mean finding the perfect theme online and using it for the linen rentals, including the table cloths, table runners, napkins, sashes, and chair covers.

Tent Rentals: Having an outdoor wedding? Keep guests shaded from the sun or dry in case of rain with a wedding tent rental. Tents can vary in size, and some even have flaps on the side that can close. Add-ons for wedding tents can include air conditioning during the hot summer months or heating if the temperature drops. Also popular are sailcloth tents, which can give any event a nautical theme, no matter how close or far it is from the beach.

Entertainment Rentals: Weddings in South Korea are, as you might have guessed, different than ones in the United States. The wedding covered by NPR featured musical numbers, skits, and even a song performed by the wedding’s emcee. That kind of entertainment may seem over the top to Americans, but there are plenty of entertainment options here, too. Entertainment supplies for a wedding might include stage rentals for a band or DJ and outdoor dance floor rentals for guests.

You may not be able to hire some friends in the U.S., but you can be sure that the supplies you need is available to make your celebration memorable.