Think Beyond Dance Floor and Linen Rental with These Three Fun Summer Party Tips

Jul 16, 2015

If you’re planning a party for summer, you’re not alone. Summer is the time to call caterers and get tent, table, and linen rentals from a party event rentals service for weddings, birthdays, other celebrations. But by now, you may be wary of the same advice on decorating. Yes, planning a party of any kind can mean several hours of preparation, but it doesn’t have to be boring.

To shake up your summer shindig, try these three unconventional tips for drinks, food, and fun:

Rethink your drinks. At most summer celebrations, drinks (especially of the alcoholic variety) take center stage. But don’t let a tub full of ice and beer cans be your only solution for entertaining! The Huffington Post recommends chilling drinks with some fruit, so the frozen fruit provides a decorative (and tasty) summer treat as it melts. If you’re using linen rentals or renting chairs and tables for a more formal affair, you can have your drinks match. Try making cocktails ahead of time and storing the individual drinks in mason jars kept on ice; plan on about two to three drinks per person whether you’re doing an open bar or not.

Make a game of your entertainment. Many summer celebrations will be relying on DJs or live bands coupled with outdoor dance floor rentals. But there’s more to do than dance. One of the joys of getting together with friends and family is that there are plenty of opportunities to laugh, and what better way to do so than with some friendly competition. Latina magazine suggests making your own piñata for adults, though they also work well for children’s birthday parties and informal get-togethers of any kind. You could also put your own spin on the classics, says HuffPo, by sawing some 2x4s and create your own extra-large Jenga set or spray painting colored dots on the lawn for an outdoor version of Twister. If all else fails, put out board games or party card games; you can use multiple games at different tables if you’re hosting a rather sizable event.

Fancify the food. Burgers and hot dogs might be a staple of the summer barbecue, but they’re by no means the only choices you have. In addition to serving fresh veggies, the Food Network recommends grilling some fruit, like pineapple or watermelon, for an exciting treat. For formal events like weddings, you might want to make good use of your linen rentals by also opting for fine china rather than paper to increase the presentation value for the cuisine. Typically, if you offer coffee or tea after a dinner, 80% of guests will accept. To beat the heat, though, try serving frozen coffee popsicles instead.

These three solutions should help you make your event one of a kind, and you’ll be the envy of other backyard party hosts for years to come.