5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Guests Comfortable During Your Wedding

Sep 25, 2017

A wedding is a celebration, and it only makes sense for you to want to be surrounded by your family and friends for the big day. Your guests will be coming from near and far to see you marry the one you love, so it only makes sense to pamper them during the day.

While planning a party involved organizing hundreds of details, from creating guest lists and sending invitations to picking out different wedding rentals and tent accessories, it is crucial you don’t forget about your guests on your big day. Going the extra step will mean the difference between creating a party for your guests and creating an experience.

Here are some easy ways to make your guests comfortable and ensure they’re having a great time during your wedding.

Offering sunglasses

Guests tend to forget sunglasses for outdoor ceremonies. Make sure they can see you both say “I do” properly by giving every guest a pair of sunglasses along with their program.

Providing flip-flops for dancing

A lot of brides and grooms are catching onto this trend, simply because it’s cheap and pays to have a full dance floor as the night goes on! Just get a variety of sizes and place them in a basket near the dance floor.

Pouring hot drinks

It’s easy to get tired when you’re dancing away, so make sure to provide coffee and other hot drinks to perk everyone up after the cake has been served. Tea, hot apple cider, and Irish coffees are all great ideas.

Bring in snacks

Even if you have a buffet dinner, chances are your guests will get hungry after your First Dance. Bringing in some munchies during the final hour of the reception is a great way to keep everyone full and happy. We recommend chips and dip, chicken nuggets, or even tacos.

Opt for the extra chairs

No one wants to be squished during the ceremony and reception. So opt for extra chairs so there’s more room — white wedding padded rental chairs are great for that bit of extra comfort if someone wants to opt out of dancing the night away.

If you follow these tips, all of your guests will leave your wedding happy. Remember, your wedding wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t for the guests, so make sure to keep their needs as a top priority!

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