4 Easy Ways to Eliminate Technology From Your Wedding Day

Sep 19, 2017

In today’s day and age, everything we do is dependent on technology. There are so many ways we are all connected now: the smartphone in our pocket, our work email, our televisions, and more. Even our cars have smart technology now. And while these technological innovations can be invaluable most of the time, there are some times during our lives when it pays to disconnect. For many women, one of these times is your wedding day.

A person’s wedding day is something they have dreamed of their entire life, from picking the dress to choosing the right wedding decorations. Every detail has been carefully chosen during the wedding planning process, from the food at the reception to the wedding chair rentals the guests will be sitting on during the ceremony. Considering that this is an event that comes once in a lifetime, many couples choose to step back, unplug, and savor the moment. Not all events in life look better through the camera of a smartphone.

Of course, a technology free wedding day is easier said than done for most brides and grooms. If you’re trying to plan a wedding without technological distractions, here are some of the best ways to make it easy for your guests to unplug during your special day.

Alert them about your technology-free ceremony on the invitations

If you don’t want people pulling out selfie sticks and hitting record during your vows, then be direct! It’s expected that your guests will bring their cameras and smartphones to your big day, so if you would like there to be an unplugged wedding event, please make it known ahead of time. This way, your guests won’t be shocked if you ask them to put away their phones at any time during the celebration.

Remind guests about the policy

For brides and grooms who want a smartphone free ceremony (nothing spoils the mood more than a ringing cellphone during your “I do’s”!), make sure you post reminders at the venue. It’s not rude to remind people to silence their cell phones. If you want your wedding party tent to be smartphone free as well, make sure to post reminders at that venue too.

Put baskets on each aisle and table to collect phones

The only thing the bride should be looking at when she is walking down the aisle is her soon-to-be-spouse’s face, not plenty of flashing smartphones getting in her way. While the guests want to take pictures to create memories, reassure them that there will be other photo-ops later.

Hire a couple of photographers and bring in a photo booth

Have a couple photographers walking around the reception floor to grab candids while everyone is partying is the best way to discourage excessive photo taking during your wedding celebrations. Just be sure to remind everyone that they can pick out their favorite photos afterwards. Having a photo booth is another surefire way your guests can have fun and make tangible memories.

Wedding planning shouldn’t have to be stressful, so if you are looking to make your day easier, consider wedding rentals. Wedding rentals are invaluable for couples looking to take the stress out from their wedding planning, just like the tech-free event you’re looking to create.