How to Plan a Baby Shower With a Long Guest List

Jan 9, 2023

Are you in charge of planning a baby shower for a friend or loved one? Is the guest list for the shower unusually long? Planning a baby shower is a fun undertaking, but it can feel challenging when there is a long guest list. You have to provide food, drinks, and more while creating a warm and bubbly environment. Below are a few tips to help you plan the perfect baby shower.

Hire a Catering Company

One of the most important aspects of any event is the food. When planning a baby shower with a large guest list, it can be challenging to provide enough food for everyone. This is where a catering company can be extremely helpful. They can provide a variety of options to suit different tastes and dietary restrictions, and they can handle all of the setup and cleanup, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the event.

Rent a Banquet Hall or Restaurant to Host the Event

Finding a suitable location to host a large baby shower can prove difficult. Your house may not be big enough or suitable for such a large group. Consider renting a banquet hall or restaurant to host the event. These venues are specifically designed to accommodate large groups, and they often have other amenities, such as banquet tables, chairs, and linens, too. Additionally, they may have staff available to help with setup and cleanup, which can take a lot of pressure off of you as the host.

Contact a Party Rental Company

If you don’t want to rent a venue, contact a party rental company. They’ll have everything you need to transform any location into an elegant baby shower space – even your backyard! You can rent a tent, banquet tables, chairs, and more. They can help with the setup and takedown, so you can focus on the mother-to-be and the guests. A party rental company can help you create the perfect day for your friend or loved one.

Ready to plan the perfect baby shower for your large party? Allied Event Solutions can help you rent all the supplies you need so the shower matches your vision, such as banquet tables, gorgeous linens, fancy chairs, an insulated tent, and more! Contact our team today to get started.