5 Things Your Daughter’s Formal Sweet Sixteen Celebration Needs

Feb 23, 2023

No two sweet sixteen parties are exactly alike. In fact, according to Ehow.com, these events can be casual, semi-formal, or formal. Some people have backyard parties with outdoor dance floor rentals while others rent out hotels or ballrooms. If you’re planning a formal sweet sixteen celebration for your daughter, these are some items you’ll want for the party.

1. Amazing Decorations

Decorations can make or break an event. If you’re hosting a party at home, you may want to pick a theme and use decorations to bring it to life. While you can buy decorations for the party, you can also rent many items you need.

2. Food and Beverages

Make sure that no one will get hungry during the party by stocking up on enough food and beverages for all your guests. When you’re choosing a caterer, make sure you’ll have options for everyone who’s attending. Let the caterer know if any of your attendees have specific dietary concerns.

3. Entertainment

A sweet sixteen isn’t an ordinary party; it’s a once-in-a-lifetime celebration! That’s why you should find several ways to keep your guests entertained. Entertainment rentals can keep the party exciting all night long!

Outdoor dance floor rentals allow you to create a dance floor at any location. Photobooths can be a lot of fun and are an amazing way to capture memories from the event. You may also want to look into other entertainment options, like a karaoke machine!

4. Plenty of Seating

When the guests arrive, where will they sit to eat? You should ensure that you have more than enough seating for everyone attending. Linens like tablecloths and napkins will help you decorate each table beautifully, so be sure to rent linens that match your party’s theme!

5. The Perfect Birthday Cake

The cake is an important part of any birthday celebration, so you should find something spectacular for your daughter’s sweet sixteen. Make sure you consider your daughter’s preferences when picking a cake. While a tiered cake can look stunning in photos, other options, like birthday cupcakes, can also work well.

If you’re planning a formal sweet sixteen celebration for your daughter, go the extra mile to ensure that her birthday is everything she wants it to be. Extra touches like outdoor dance floor rentals can take her birthday to the next level. Don’t hesitate to contact Allied Event Solutions when you need items for your event!