5 Colors of Linen Options to Consider for a Sweet 16

Mar 8, 2023

Getting everything right for a sweet 16 can be difficult and expensive. According to our sources, a sweet 16 birthday party typically costs between $300 and $25,000. If you’re trying to put together the perfect sweet 16, here are five colors to consider when browsing linen options.

1. Elegant White

Basic white linens might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sweet 16 birthday party, but an elegant white is a great choice for any event. Simple white tablecloths are a great look if you’re putting together a fancy sweet 16 birthday party, and white goes with every color.

2. Gold

If you want to go for the classic, over-the-top sweet 16 birthday party look, you can go with gold-colored linens for the event. Majestic or dupioni linens in an elegant shade of gold will add a flashy, yet classic coat of paint to a big birthday bash.

3. Pink

Pink is always a popular choice for a girl’s sweet 16 birthday party. A sweet 16 party is supposed to be a lavish celebration of your 16th birthday, and pink is definitely one of the brightest and boldest colors. Don’t be afraid to go for hot pinks and neon pinks, especially in an eye-catching satin material.

4. Peach

If you want something simple and elegant but you want to avoid boring whites, peach is a great color. Peach is a special blend of orange and yellow, creating a soft and lush hue that adds warmth to any room. The neutrality of a peach pairs well with a host of other colors, creating the opportunity for fun color palettes.

5. Blush

If hot and neon pinks are too flashy for your daughter’s tastes, perhaps blush is the perfectly understated antithesis to select. Amongst your linen options is polyester linen, which will present this color wonderfully for a sweet 16 party.

You don’t want to mess up any details when it comes to your daughter’s sweet 16 birthday party, and that includes choosing the right color for one of the many linen options available for you to purchase. With all the different materials and styles of linens that are available, it’s important to take some time to find something that represents the person you’re celebrating. If you need help finding the perfect sweet 16 linens, check out the selection at Allied Events Solutions.