3 Tips for an Amazing Corporate Event in 2016

Mar 9, 2016

Why is a corporate event important for companies to invest in? It may sometimes feel like you’re essentially paying employees to take a day off work, but in actuality, corporate events accomplish several goals. They help to focus your company. Rather than approaching each issue day by day, you can take time to compare the past and where you hope to be in the future.

This is the time to consider organizational changes that will help your company grow. Corporate events can also play an important part in getting everyone in the company up to speed. Knowledge enhancement — whether it’s about how the products are used or about best business practices — help employees perform their job better and help companies gain more profit overall.

At the core of throwing a corporate event, of course, is planning ahead so that the event is successful and professional. Here are three tips for having an amazing corporate event in 2016.

1. Don’t Have Guests Leave Hungry

If you’re asking someone to sit and stand around for your business, don’t just give them a complimentary bag of pretzels. Plan ahead for caterers, as well as drinks if this isn’t a dry event. After all, the average person will drink two to three glasses, if you’re trying to order ahead. Even offering hot beverages, especially for morning events, is worth it; about 80% of guests will accept an offer of tea or coffee.

2. Make Sure Your Corporate Event Looks Professional: Rent Linens

If you’re served food by a nice caterer, you don’t want it served on a plastic table top. Rent linens that help make your gathering look professional. You can even order them in your company’s colors or match them to an overarching theme. Similarly, don’t just assume a venue will have enough seats for your entire company. Check ahead, and if there’s a gap, chair rentals are a necessary investment. Event rental companies often have years of experience with corporate events, and can potentially help you on the planning side.

3. Have a Well Organized Timeline

No one enjoys coming to a meeting where 45 minutes are spent on a segue and the main issue is never approached. Similarly, your corporate event won’t be successful if you don’t keep things moving. Establish firm times for everything from speeches, to eating, to mingling, while leaving enough time in between for people to move locations or use the bathroom, et cetera.

Whether you’re looking to rent linens or renting chairs for your next corporate event, it’s important to stay organized. Plan ahead, and don’t lose sight of the event’s goals.