4 Steps to Planning the Perfect Sweet 16 Party

Mar 31, 2016

For many girls, a sweet 16 party is one of the most important formative experiences of their youth. It’s an American rite of passage that ushers young women through the door of young adulthood, giving them the opportunity to celebrate life and their current and future successes with family and friends.

However, planning a successful sweet 16 party is no small feat. Like any major celebration, sweet 16 parties require the assembly of hundreds of details. From the invitations to food to entertainment to small things like party favors, there’s much to do before the big day.

Luckily, we’ve provided a comprehensive to-do list for planning your perfect sweet 16 celebration.

1. The Guests

Before you do anything, start with a solid guest list. The number of guests you have finalized will dictate where you have your sweet 16 party and how much food and favors you will need. When making a list, first start off with the essential guests. Think immediate family members and close family friends. From there, add more guests. While you might want to invite every person in your grade, remember that this party is ultimately a celebration of you. You’ll likely only remember the people that mattered to you most; those are the people you’ll want celebrating you!

2. The Location

As far as parties go, you have unlimited options as to where you can have it. Depending on how many guests you have, you may want to have it outside. Having a backyard party is a great way to cut down on costs, plan flexibly, and keep it familiar. To make things more fanciful and varied, party rentals such as outdoor dance floor rentals and tent rentals. This will provide a varied and exciting space that will allow for maximal fun and comfort at your outdoor event. Be sure to consider table rentals too, as tables and chairs are essential for any planned event.

3. The Decor

When it comes to themes, the sky is really the limit here. As far as decorations go, experts recommend generally keeping it simple. Choose three main colors and carry those colors throughout the decor of your sweet 16 party, and party rentals, from balloons to linen rentals.

4. The Entertainment

Favors and entertainment are extremely important. Party rentals provide dance floors that only require a DJ or band to create a good time. Photo booths are extremely popular, as they provide real-time mementos for guests to bring home.