When Food Festivals Get A Little Crazy

Jul 15, 2014

Americans typically associate table and chair rentals with weddings, graduation parties, baby showers, conferences, meetings, family reunions, school reunions, and special birthday parties, such as sweet sixteens. The same suppliers, however, also specialize in event rentals and street festivals. Year-around, people all over the world get together to eat barbecue, celebrate the arts, or simply to enjoy fried dough and live music — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What are some of the most unique festivals from all over the world?

If You’re Attending This Hawaiian Festival, You Better Like Spam

On Saturday, May 2, 2015, Hawaii will host its 13th annual Waikiki Spam Jam. The festival features a variety of dishes and events, all featuring Spam, or a spiced canned ham. (Spam became popular during World War II when meat was scarce.) Booths sell Spam-themed souvenirs, including hats, T-shirts, basketballs, beach balls, shorts, and slippers, all brandishing the world-famous Spam logo. “This is also a special event that benefits the Hawaii Foodbank, the largest non-profit in Hawaii that feeds the needy,” the official website explains.

After That Cheese!

What is cheese rolling? Every year at Copper’s Hill in Britain, locals and tourists alike gather to push cheese wheels downhill; participants give their cheese wheels a few seconds head start, and chase after it. “The hill is so steep that the cheese can reach speeds of up to 70 miles per hour!” The Daily Meal writes.

Rethinking “Drink It; Don’t Wear It”

In Spain, people all over the world get together to work out their frustrations by soaking each other in red wine. The tradition began years and years ago. “What began as a medieval dispute over a mountain range between neighboring towns has evolved into a celebration with hundreds of Spaniards soaking each other by any means possible,” The Daily Meal explains. People taking part in the festival traditionally wear all-white clothing, for maximum dramatic effect.

Although more people are choosing to host outdoor wedding ceremonies and graduation parties, tent, linen, and event rentals are also a common choice for neighborhood festivals. Attend some of the world’s most interesting food festivals, and chase cheese downhill or sample recipes with spiced canned ham.