What Wedding Rental Supplies Will Your Big Day Need?

Mar 7, 2022

It can be difficult to plan a wedding, whether you’re considering the individual aspects, like your wedding dress, or the practicalities. The issue with the practicalities of weddings is that most of us do not own the types of things that are necessary for weddings. We don’t typically own tents, grand tables, or even the amount of chairs that we would need for wedding guests. This is why planning a wedding often involves looking into wedding rental supplies.

When renting wedding supplies, you can pay less and own your wedding supplies for a short amount of time, giving them back when you’re finished. These are particularly invaluable for couples who choose to hold outdoor or backyard weddings, where a venue may not provide all of the necessary supplies. The question is, what wedding supplies should you rent? Let’s find out below.

1. Tables

Most weddings will require tables. Regardless of how the food at your wedding is served (be it through a food truck, table service, or a buffet line), your guests will need a place to sit and eat. Typically, guests will either sit at long tables or small tables meant for more intimate groups. Most of us do not have enough tables, and certainly not enough large tables, to accommodate this. Wedding rental supplies are great solutions in this case.

2. Chairs

Of course, it can be difficult for people to sit and eat at the tables you rent without chairs. Therefore, it’s important for you to rent enough chairs for your guests. Chairs that are acquired through wedding rental supplies providers are typically uniform, which is what you’ll want for a wedding.

3. Tents

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, a tent is almost mandatory. Even if you don’t plan on having your wedding in a tent, you may need it if the weather is bad on the day of. With that being said, make sure that you have a tent at the ready on your wedding day.

4. A Dance Floor

Outdoor weddings naturally don’t come equipped with dance floors. But you can certainly rent one, often to go with a tent. These wedding rental supplies may be a bit more unique, but they’re just as necessary.

Don’t hesitate to rent your wedding supplies. It’s certainly more sensible to rent than to buy!