What Tent Is Right For Your Event?

Jun 6, 2022

Choosing the right party tent style for your occasion is critical to creating a great and memorable hosting experience. It may appear daunting at first, but the process may be made easier and enjoyable when you consider the type of event you want to have. This article will look at some of the most common party tent types that you can choose for your event.

Pole Tents

Tents with poles are the most popular traditional tents, with interconnected poles and center poles to help maintain the construction. They are inexpensive and adaptable to most sorts of occasions. Pole tents are usually available in various sizes and are commonly used for events such as BBQs and small gatherings. However, it is also worth noting that pole tents may not always provide a good view from all positions within the tent. As a result, they are unsuited for occasions with a single focal point, such as a bridal ceremony.

High Peak Frame Tents

High peak frame tents are a popular kind of party tent. They act as a basic tent, offering some shade and rain protection. They’re a cost-effective and convenient option for last-minute bookings, and they can serve a single purpose. Millennials account for 80% of today’s newlywed couples according to Wedding Planning Institiute, and they mostly use high peak frame tents.

Frame Tents

Frame tents are suitable for providing tent coverage for events with huge crowds. In addition, these tents are appropriate for public events and business events. The most significant benefit of this tent is that it allows an unobstructed view from all positions within the tent.

Tent with a Marquee Frame

This business tent features gable ends and is suitable for providing shade on pathways, building entrances, building expansions, and walkways between buildings. In addition, it has the benefit of being extensible.

Concession Tents

Concession tents are tiny, easy-to-erect party tents used for outdoor tent events such as school fairs, kiosks, and trade shows.

Clear Span Tent

A clear span tent offers the most open and spacious space of any tent. It may be configured for medium to long-term use with no worries about reliability or maintenance. Since it provides a vast, clean, unobstructed space, it is usually utilized for warehousing purposes.

In conclusion, the type of tent you should choose depends on the event you are organizing, whether it is a wedding or a backyard celebration. We also offer both heated tents and tents that have fans to cool guests down, so you can be comfortable outside any time of year. Looking for the right party tent for your event? Contact us today to get a wide range of tent options for your event.