Tent Accessories to Consider for a Late-Night Cocktail Party

Jul 25, 2023

The different accessories for tents that are now available can help elevate your next party to a memorable event! According to event planning experts, any company providing rental equipment for events benefits from possessing a lot of industry experience. These accessory ideas can help you create an amazing experience for the guests at your next late-night cocktail party.

Linens and Drapes

Some of the best accessories for tents and outdoor parties include decor themes. If you’re looking to throw an elegant event for your friends and family, then it’s important to have the right linens and beautifully flowing drapes. These simple decor pieces can transport your guests and make them feel like they’re at an elegant ball.

Comfortable Seating and Cocktail Tables

You’ll want to provide your guests with some soft seating. Cocktail parties are made for mingling, but as the night wears on, multiple seating options will be more than welcome. Allow your guests to chat and socialize while feeling comfortable! Conversation areas with chairs that have cushions will encourage your guests to settle in and enjoy themselves. High-top tables are another great feature to have, especially if you’ll be serving food or heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Dance Floor and Party Lighting

The best cocktail parties are typically the liveliest! Providing your guests with a dance floor and exciting lighting can help keep the revelry going for hours. In addition to hiring a band or DJ, you’ll also want to arrange for a dance floor and lighting system rentals. No party is complete without a few different colored lights. Transform your tent rental into a land of fantasy and beauty by opting for a few of these accessory rentals for your party.

The better the accessories for tents and outdoor parties you choose, the better your guests’ experiences will be. You can rely on the team at Allied Event Solutions for all of your party rental needs. We’ve been supplying the local area with tents, tent accessories, linens, tables, chairs, and food and beverage service rentals for over 50 years! Contact us today to schedule a consultation before your next event.