How To Have The Spookiest Sweet Sixteen This October

Oct 26, 2018

It’s the best of both worlds: not only do you get perfect fall weather and the most horrifying holiday of the year, but it’s also your birthday. This is a call for the spookiest celebration for your sweet sixteen.

You get candy, presents, and a creepy cake to top off the night. Here’s how to make your sweet sixteen Halloween a night to remember.

Craft clever invitations

Halloween parties usually involve a text to your friends or a Facebook event. But this is your sweet sixteen; as such, you’re allowed to get a little creative.

Opt for interesting invitations, like skulls, bones, or pumpkins so your guests can remember the date. It’s also a great time to let them know whether they should wear costumes or not or if they should bring a gift other than candy.

Decorate a tent rental, not your entire home

Hosting your event in an outside tent, complete with a table and chair rentals, is the perfect way to keep your party confined to one space. That way, you don’t need to worry about redecorating your entire home. Focusing all your energy on one space will save you time and money as you prepare for your dastardly day.

Halloween is one of the most iconic holidays in terms of decorations. If you want to make your ghoulish night a little more glam, choose three main colors and extend these shades throughout the rest of your party including accessories, napkins, plates, and balloons. It’s a great way to keep those party tents rentals uncluttered since Halloween is known for its exorbitant amount of decor.

Go all out with your costume

Your sweet sixteen Halloween gives you the opportunity to have the most outlandish costume in the room. On your special day, you deserve to be the center of attention.

Instead of dressing as your usual zombie or witch, go all out: wear the biggest ballgown you can find. Dress up as an inflatable sumo wrestler. Complete your Queen of England look with a scepter, crown, and eight corgis (okay, maybe not the last one). Regardless, crafting the coolest costume is a necessity for the birthday girl or guy. Have fun and make the most of your themed party.

The best way to throw a sweet sixteen is utilizing your backyard space with party tents rentals to fit all your ghoulish guests. When you want to host the best sweet sixteen during October, call Allied Party Rentals for party tents rentals, accessories for tents, and the best table rentals Baltimore can offer. Call today or contact us for more information!