What Do You Need For a Neighborhood Festival?

Feb 12, 2024

Planning fun neighborhood festivals takes some work, but it’s worth it to bring everyone together. Here are some tips on what you’ll need to throw a great event that gets your whole neighborhood involved.

A Good Location

One of the first things to decide is where your neighborhood festival will take place. Look for a central area that can accommodate a crowd, like a park, community center parking lot, or even a large driveway or backyard. Make sure you get permission to use the space if needed. Consider things like access to bathrooms and electricity when choosing your location. If you’re planning on having the event in your actual neighborhood, you may need to rent things like tables, chairs, and tents.

Food and Activities

No festival is complete without great food and fun activities! Potluck-style meals are an easy way to feed attendees. Ask neighbors to bring dishes to share; anything from appetizers to desserts. Having a grill on-site is also nice, so you can cook burgers and hot dogs. In addition to eating, you need things for people to do. Organize games like sack races, egg relays, a pie-eating contest, or a cornhole tournament. These interactive activities will have everyone mingling. Have a craft table for kids to make art projects or bookmarks to take home. Also, consider hiring local musicians or dancers to perform throughout the event. Little touches like personalized name tags can make people feel welcome.


While having the basics covered is important, it won’t matter if no one shows up! Market your neighborhood festival a few weeks in advance through email, flyers, social media, and old-fashioned word-of-mouth. Try going door-to-door to personally invite your closest neighbors. Remind people multiple times as the date approaches. On the day of the event, set up signage around the neighborhood directing people where to go. Balloons and banners at the entrance also help attendees easily find the location. Assign someone the role of official event greeter to welcome and check people in when they arrive.

Pulling off a successful neighborhood festival requires planning, but the rewards of closer connections with old and new neighbors make it worthwhile. Don’t be intimidated to try organizing one on your block. Follow these tips and you’re sure to have a blast. If you’re looking to plan successful neighborhood festivals, we can help. Allied Event Solutions provides tents, tables, chairs, and linens. Contact us to discuss your needs.