Wedding Decorations to Tables and Chairs, Here are the Rentals You Might Need for Your Special Day

Aug 25, 2014

Are you hosting a wedding soon? If so, you’re not alone: plenty of Americans are using wedding and party rentals services to create their own venues right in their backyards. This type of wedding is becoming popular for two reasons. The first is that the cost of weddings has increased in recent years, with the average reception alone costing $13,106 in 2012; in New York City, the average wedding costs over $70,000 in total, making it the most expensive place to host your nuptials. The other reason that rentals are growing in popularity is that more and more people are choosing the outdoors as the perfect wedding venue. And what’s a more convenient location than your own home?

Many party and event rentals suppliers can provide anything from wedding tent rentals for a reception to wedding decorations rentals to make your wedding unique. If you’re not sure what kind of supplies your wedding might need, here are some suggested items to ask your party supply rental company about.


When hosting an outdoor wedding, a tent is essential for keeping your guests happy. In the summer heat, the sun can be overwhelming, so having a shaded place is a good alternative for guests. And although rain on a wedding day is good luck, it can be a disappointment when your ceremony and/or reception are outdoors.

Tables and Chairs

Your guests will want to sit down to eat for the reception, so you’ll need tables and chairs whether you have a tent or not. Rental tables and chairs can range from basic to luxury, and just about any setup is possible and can be completed by your rental company. As long as you know approximately how many guests you’ll have, you’ll know how much to rent.


Linen rentals for tables and chairs are a good way to dress up your reception area. Although white is popular for weddings, and purple is the most popular accent color for many brides and bridesmaids, any color linens can be rented to coordinate with your theme.


Wedding decorations rentals are used to give your wedding some individuality. After all, the goal of planning a wedding is to have everything be perfect for that day, so why not let a rental company take some of that responsibility away from you? You can rent anything from banners, wedding arches, and even a dance floor to give your guests the chance to cut loose.

Want to know more about wedding supplies and wedding decorations rentals? Get in touch with a rental company.