Hosting an Event Soon? Be Sure to Follow These Safety Tips When Using Party Tent Rentals and Other Supplies

Sep 15, 2014

When you’re planning a party, you’ll want everything to be perfect. From the invitations and the decorations to the food and activities, great party planning is essential to throwing a memorable event — and sometimes it’s even left to the experts. One way to make your event easier to hold is to use table, chair, linen, and party tents rentals from a trusted event rental company in your area. These rentals are appropriate for any type of get-together: from small baby showers and birthday parties to large-scale events, like family reunions and weddings.

However, even though party and event rentals can make it easy to play host to your guests, these items do require precaution before using them. A good rental company should have plenty of experience in the industry. Before you choose your table, chair, and tent rentals, be sure that your rental company can guide you through the set-up process.

If you’re not sure which concerns you should have, here are some precautions to take with party tents rentals and other supplies before you complete the rental process.

1. Ask how your tent should be secured. Depending on where you’re holding your backyard party, you may have to use a specific method to secure your tent, or else the wind could carry it away from you and your guests. While tents can be staked into the ground, tents on concrete patios may need to be tethered with concrete blocks.

2. Inquire about emergency situations. Summer is a great time for parties, but it’s also the time for thunderstorms and hurricanes. In the event of an emergency, you should know how to properly evacuate a tent and tear down tables and chairs quickly. If weather is a realistic concern for your outdoor event, ask your rental company how many miles per hour of wind your tent can stand up to and when to begin moving guests to a safe location.

3. See what additional services are available. Some party tents rentals require you to set the tents up yourself. Other companies may offer set-up and tear-down for you instead. Additionally, you may also be able to have your event rental company staff members stay for your event to help make any adjustments and see to your guests’ safety. Feel free to ask about these services to truly complete your party rental package.

A rental company should always be honest and upfront when giving you information on their products. The instructions you receive should be easy to understand, too, so don’t be afraid to ask questions for clarification. A party should be a good time for all, rain or shine!