Tips for Planning The Best COVID-Safe Sweet 16

Jan 18, 2022

Birthday parties are such an important part of the growing up process of any child. The sweet 16 is one of the most important parties that is sort of a right of passage for kids that are going into adulthood. That being said, not knowing how to go about planning a COVID-free party can be especially difficult.

Consider Prior Testing

One of the things that you might consider is having those people that are going to be in attendance to test before they come. This can help you to feel a bit better about it all, make sure that if there are people that are testing positive, that they are not in attendance. Taking the time to test beforehand can help you feel better about the event, it can help you feel less worried and it can also help to keep the people that are going to be there safe.

Event Rentals and Venues

Another thing to keep in mind is that getting a larger venue might be helpful. With event rentals like larger areas to have the party, you can give people enough space that can help you to keep people from potentially spreading COVID. A great venue or event rental can also help make the event that much more special and that much more fun. A sweet 16 party is a huge right of passage, they can cost anywhere from $300 to $25,000. Taking the time to really find the right venue can make a big difference as well in the outcome and can make a great party for your 16-year-old and everyone that comes to the party.

Take Your Time Planning

There are also plenty of benefits to taking your time to plan. Taking your time to really plan and to really spend time figuring out what might be going on can help you to get the right outcome and a great party. Planning is a great way to figure out what issues might be going on, what problems might pop up, and to really handle issues before they do occur. Planning is one of the best ways to figure out issues before they start and to really make sure that your event is going to be great and that your teen is going to have a great time.