Whether You Rent Linens or Tell Guests to BYOB, Throw a Memorable Party with These 3 Tips

Jul 2, 2015

Summer is the perfect time for planning a get-together with friends and family. It could be a formal affair, like a wedding, or something more casual, such as a family barbecue or a birthday party. No matter what the excuse for celebrating, you should make sure, as a host, that your guests feel comfortable and that you have the right supplies for a memorable day.

Whether you’re hosting a luxurious wedding or a simple BBQ, here are three tips you can use this summer to help your guests — and yourself — have a great time.

Decorate with style and keep it consistent. One of the simplest ways to choose your decorations is to pick a theme revolving around three colors. Then stick with that theme for everything, from the decorations and invitations to the table linens, including napkins, table cloths, chair covers, and more. If you plan to rent linens, for instance, then your event rentals service should be able to accommodate your request for multiple colors for your theme. Decorating may not be at the forefront of every host’s mind, but it does increase that ‘wow’ factor when your guests walk in.

Plan food and drink accordingly. No host wants to run out of food in the middle of a celebration and leave guests hungry. If possible, you should get a guest count ahead of time, so you can buy the right amount of food. Depending upon how formal or informal the celebration is, you may be able to ask guests to bring a dish to pass or something to drink if cost is a concern. When it comes to drinks, figure at least two to three per person if you’re hosting something like a cocktail party; opt for more for a casual backyard party.

Be a gracious host. When the big day finally arrives and your guests have joined you, make sure you mind your etiquette. Greet guests when they arrive and thank them for coming. If anyone couldn’t make it, don’t dwell on the absence but instead focus on who is there. It’s not only the food, drinks, and decorations that make a celebration — it’s about the people, too.

If you’re planning on hosting a party this summer, try working with a supplier so you can rent linens in addition to tent and table and chair rentals.