Three Details to Consider When Renting a Tent for Your Celebration

May 6, 2015

Any type of party, whether it’s a wedding or a birthday celebration, can take months to plan and plenty of meticulous details, from invitations and decorations to food and activities. Not to mention, throwing a celebration — even at home — can cost a great deal of money. The average wedding reception costs around $13,106, according to estimates from 2012; bar and bat mitzvahs can go for $15,000 to $30,000, and a Sweet 16 party can range anywhere from just $300 all the way to $25,000. Saving money, no matter what kind of party you’re holding, is important, and event rentals can help those with both limited and extravagant budgets.

Renting a tent is one of the most common party supply preparation steps that homeowners will need for their backyard parties. If you’re planning to rent a tent, here are three details you need to keep in mind before you put down a deposit and book a date:

The weather during your event. Even psychics and meteorologists would be hard pressed to predict the weather months in advance, so you probably won’t be able to know the exact weather conditions for your event. Nevertheless, the season and location of the party should give you a good idea of how it will play out, so if you know that it’s hot, rainy, or windy during that time of the year, you can prepare in advance. Ask about enclosed tents that will shelter your guests from the rain and air conditioners that can keep them cool even though they’re outdoors.

Your ability to set up and tear down a tent. Just as you need to think about weather as you choose a particular type of tent to rent, you’ll also need to consider the safety of your guests. High winds can rip a tent right out of the ground, which could lead to severe injuries for partygoers. Make sure that you work with professionals to choose the right kind of event for the season and ask them about securing and tearing the structure down properly before and after the big day.

Your other party rental equipment needs. In addition to renting a tent for your celebration, you may require some other event rentals to make the day complete. Table and chair rentals are an ideal add-on for tent rentals, so your guests have someplace comfortable to sit, eat, and socialize. Other supplies, such as for decorations or catering, can also be ordered in advance, so you’ll be prepared to entertain. If you’re renting a tent from one supplier, then it might make sense to ask them about table, chair, and linen rentals, too.