The Best Way To Figure Out Your Wedding’s Seating

Feb 4, 2022

Planning your wedding is an exciting time as it is one of the most important days of your life. With that, it is also stressful. Once you have determined your guest list, you have to figure out how to seat everyone. Most people have a set of guests that cannot sit next to each other, which causes challenges. Consider these tips when determining your wedding seating.

Determine the Tables

Your chair and table rental decisions are critical aspects in the entertainment and party planning industry. No matter the size or type of event, from weddings, baby showers, and conferences, they require seats for guests. However, before you can begin to decide where people are sitting, you must decide on the shape and size of the table. Those two features determine how many people can sit at each table. While round tables are traditional, rectangular tables can seat more people, making it easier for guests to interact.

Put Guests Together by Group

When making decisions about a table rental, you want to consider putting your guests into groups. These groups can be based on how you know the people, like from work, college, high school, etc. You may need to be mindful of the history that people in these groups may have with one another. Someone in that group may want to sit elsewhere, or even be seated as far away from each other as possible at the table.

Family Members

Typically, the parents of the two people getting married sit together. When thinking about table rental, you may want to have two parent tables if there are divorced parents. Perhaps, all of the parents get along, and they can all sit at the same table. You must know if that is possible before creating seating arrangements. If that is not the case, you may need to get creative with the seating, so no one feels slighted or left out. This could include a long rectangular table where those who do not get along can sit at opposite ends of the table.

You could also opt to assign tables but not seats for your guests. You could even go completely non-traditional and allow your guests to decide where they want to sit. This allows everyone to pick their seats. Keep these tips in mind when determining the seating that works best for your wedding.