Before Ordering Table and Chair Rentals, Make Sure to Consider Your Event’s Seating Arrangements with These Questions

Apr 7, 2015

A party can be a joyous occasion for any number of reasons, from birthdays and graduation parties to weddings and anniversaries. But when it comes to giving your guests a comfortable space, there’s plenty that can go wrong. What if you run out of chairs? What happens if you put the wrong people together at one table? No one wants a celebration to be ruined by arguments or irritable guests.

When using an event rental company, you should be asked for an accurate guest count for your celebration, so they know how many chairs to supply for the big day. But using chair rentals doesn’t just stop there. You’ll need to consider several factors when renting chairs and tables, and you can do so by asking yourself or a rental service the following questions:

What table sizes and shapes do you need?

Most party planners will choose tables based on the number of guests attending. However, you can customize your seating arrangements in any way you see fit. Long banquet tables are perfect for informal get-togethers or large-scale events. However, smaller tables can provide a more intimate setting and allow you to group guests together however you’d like. You can also mix and match table sizes and shapes, such as if you need a larger head table for a wedding party or guest of honor.

Are all chair rentals created equally?

In short, no. Most rental services have several different types of chairs. Folding chairs may be more appropriate for a backyard party, which is a great place for a birthday or graduation celebration. For more formal events, such as weddings, you might choose high-quality wood or PVC chairs. For the most part, your budget will dictate the type of chairs you choose, but you should consider the type of event you are holding, as well.

Do you want to dress up your event’s seating?

Chair and table rentals are essential for planning a party, and they are used in events of all sizes. Small-scale events such as meetings and baby showers require tables and chairs, as do larger-sized parties, like milestone birthdays, weddings, and family reunions. Because these events vary so greatly, there’s no reason why you can’t dress up the event through the use of table linen rentals. These add-ons can provide table cloths and runners in colors to match the party’s theme, and chair covers are also available to add style and comfort to seating. Weddings, especially, are a popular time to choose covers for chair rentals, usually in a shade that matches the wedding party’s outfits.

Remember, if you’re deciding on seating arrangements, make sure that you organize tables in a way that will keep all guests happy. Don’t be afraid to check etiquette guides or ask your event planner for more advice on seating arrangements.