5 Wedding Nightmares and How to Prevent Them

Dec 6, 2016

When you plan your wedding, you expect everything to be perfect. And while 93% of brides plan their dream weddings with the help of online sources like Pinterest, not every wedding is Pinterest-worthy. Sometimes, unforeseen obstacles get in the way and force the plans to change at the last minute. This can be extremely stressful if you haven’t thought of these potential wedding nightmares beforehand, so here’s a reminder to plan accordingly — just in case.

1. Call the venue weeks in advance.

Although it’s likely that you booked your venue long ago, it’s possible that something may have been overlooked and the space was overbooked. Make sure to check up with your venue periodically to go over arrangements and times to keep yourself on the owner’s list of priorities.

2. Talk options with your caterer.

Popular menu choices are chicken, steak, and fish. But keep in mind that your guests may have dietary restrictions. Do you have vegetarian or vegan friends? You may want to plan a pasta course or something vegetable-heavy that isn’t a dinner salad.

3. Keep your photographer on speed dial.

It’s important to keep him or her in the loop when it comes to your timeline: when exactly the wedding party plans to arrive to the venue, where and when the photographs will be taken, and not to mention the date and time of the ceremony itself. Call the photographer about a week out to confirm that they are set and ready to meet you.

4. Plan transportation accordingly.

Especially if you have guests coming from out of town, make sure that they have a ride to and from the airport or their hotels. Recommend a reliable cab service or hire a party bus or limousine service to pick them up on the big day.

5. Plan for bad weather.

If you’re having a backyard party or outdoor wedding, you always run the risk of running into inclement weather. But there’s no need to worry. Wedding tents for rent can keep your guests and ceremony decor dry and intact. If you’re planning any kind of outdoor event, a wedding party tent is an absolute necessity.

If you do plan on hosting an outdoor ceremony, be sure to budget for rental chairs, rental tables, linens, and other party rental equipment, too. Pick up all of these items from the same company to make your life easier.

While we can’t help you when it comes to catering or transportation, Allied Party Rentals has wedding tents for rent as well as other party rentals to help you plan ahead for the happiest day of your life and prevent any wedding nightmares. We can’t make any promises for your in-laws, but we can make sure one aspect of your big day goes off without a hitch.