The 3 Ingredients You Need to Have a Perfect Corporate Event

Aug 9, 2016

Planning a party is no easy feat — it involves the careful coordination of hundreds of details, any of which might abruptly change and require spur of the moment resourcefulness. And depending on the type of event, the stakes can be even higher. Corporate events may have important decisions weighing on them, so it is important to have the perfect corporate event.

If a backyard party goes wrong, your friends and family will forgive you. But if a corporate event goes horribly wrong, it can embarrass your company for years to come.

Check out these simple recommendations for dealing with some common aspects of corporate event planning:

Table and Chair Rentals

What is a party if people have nowhere to sit and eat? It is not cost efficient for most companies to store and buy their own party supplies, which is why they are so easily rented from party planning companies. This is especially relevant for events that take place out of town, or at a special venue like a zoo or park. Make sure that there are enough table rentals and chair rentals for everyone to enjoy themselves comfortably.

Linen Rentals

Those tables and chairs will seem slap dash and unprofessional unless you provide the linens to go on top of them, plus napkins and other such cloth necessities. Again, most companies won’t have that stuff on hand, not to mention the funds for washing and storing them. Luckily, the table linen rentals industry has provided an easy way for you to get the linens that you need on short notice.


There are many ideas and guidelines out there for the decoration of an event like this. For instance, choosing three main colors can help create a theme to guide choices of accessories like napkins, plates, place cards, paper pom-poms, pennants, and balloons. You might want to go out on even more of limb and choose a daring theme like casino night or sports night. The possibilities really are endless.

Planning a corporate event can be stressful, but luckily there is an entire industry of decoration and rental supplies that will allow you to plan a truly amazing event. Your tent rental, table and chair rentals, and even decorating rentals will help create an amazing experience for your company and you can have the perfect corporate event.