How to Throw the Perfect Fall Harvest Party

Oct 6, 2015

With the cold seasons rapidly approaching, many think that having an outdoor backyard party is out of the question. However, a properly planned fall party can be romantic, beautiful, and extremely memorable for the hosts and guests alike. And what better way to usher in the fall and say goodbye to summer than by throwing a fall harvest party?

But planning a party involves hundreds of individual details. From invitations, to food, to decorations, things can quickly become overwhelming.

While party planning seems daunting, it can be easy and fun if broken down, step-by-step. Here’s your ultimate guide for throwing an outdoor fall harvest party that your friends and family will remember for all of time!

Keep Warm
While an outdoor party during the fall is entirely possible, know that cold guests are certainly the least happy ones of all. To prevent this, take necessary precautions in ensuring that your guests are comfortable while at your fall harvest party. At the entrance of your party, provide a box of warm shawls or blankets for guests to cozy up to. Rent heat lamps to scatter throughout your yard. And most importantly: rent a tent. Renting a tent is a surefire way to ensure guests are kept safe from the elements and are as comfortable as possible. Additionally, tent rentals provide a means of decoration and motif.

Go With Nature
When seeking out your decorative scheme, it’s helpful to choose three colors for a motif and carry the motif throughout the party. Luckily, fall makes choosing colors easy, as yellow, red, and orange are excellent fall harvest decorative motif colors. For all table linen rentals, table-scapes and other decorations, be sure to adhere to the color theme to achieve a cohesive and beautiful look. And be prepared with enough linens! For a party of 15, for example, you’ll need around 200 napkins.

Let Them Eat Cake
While this is half-serious and slightly metaphorical, we mean this in every sense of the word. Provide ample food, drink, and entertainment for guests, in order to ensure that this is a party they’ll be sad to leave. Consider outdoor dance floor rentals. While dancing can be done anywhere, outdoor dance floor rentals ensure that heels don’t stick into the ground and no one’s shoes gets messed up while boogieing into the night.