4 Great Things to Offer at Your Business Event

Dec 26, 2023

If you’re a business stakeholder, you may need to host events at times. With the holiday season, there’s no better time for a business to utilize event rentals. Whether you host a holiday party, a rebranding event, a conference, or a product showcase, here are four things you can offer at your business event.

1. A Beverage Service

Can you imagine being at a conference or other event and not being offered a drink to quench your thirst? If you offer tea or coffee, 80% of guests will accept, according to chef and media personality Rachael Ray. If you’re going to have a long event, set up a coffee or tea station in specific spots so guests can help themselves at any time. You may add seasonal items like hot cider, hot cocoa, or eggnog in the winter. If your business event is in the evening, you can extend your beverage service into happy hour by having an open or paid bar.

2. Lunch

If you’re having a daytime event, it’s customary to offer guests some type of lunch. Depending on the size of your event, you can have a hot catered lunch for people to sit. For a shorter event, you could always have pre-bagged lunches that guests can get whenever they want.

3. Workshops

Workshops are a good way for guests to learn new skills, gain more insight about your company, and network on a smaller scale. You can have workshops hosted by people at your company as well as guest speakers. If you’re unsure what type of workshops to have, research the type of workshops that tend to be popular at other events.

4. Gift Bags

There is nothing wrong with offering your guests some free swag. Your company swag can combine branded items such as T-shirts and hats. Offer popular items like cell phone cases or keychains, too, and include discount coupons for things such as movie passes or gift cards.

Local event rentals can help your company event shine. Here at Allied Event Solutions, we offer high-quality table, chair, and linen rentals that can give you the proper seating and setup to host workshops, ongoing beverage service, and designated eating areas. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer your business!