3 Unique Parties to to Throw This Summer

Jun 21, 2016

As the warm months roll in, the party invitations don’t stop coming. And while that might mean that there’s many a wedding, graduation party, or cookout taking place, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a conventional party that falls in line with the rest. Instead, why not make your summer parties the most unconventional talk of the town yet? If you’re thinking about having any residential events, street festivals, or other outdoor affairs, try one of these unconventional party themes:

Breakup Party

Did you and your significant other call it quits just in time for summer? Don’t fret. Instead, throw a fiesta! Stage the perfect breakup party by inviting all of your closest friends, asking them to bring an indulgent comfort food. If you choose to have alcohol, plan for around three cocktails per person (it’s best to just make a sangria!). Then, set up your rental tents with a projector, some cozy pillows and blankets, and play some of your favorite empowering movies. Or, if you’re in for a cry, play some heart-wrenching flicks. Just don’t forget the tissues!

Stock Your Bar Party

Every adult should have a well-stocked bar. In order to make that a reality, throw yourself a bar stocking party! Similar to a wedding shower, this slightly less romantic rendition has each of your guests bring one bar component from your proverbial bar registry. Of course, it is your duty to provide the snacks, music, and the activities to make the bar stocking party a complete success.

Backyard Clothing Swap Festival

There’s nothing better than new clothes and a good backyard party. That being said, why not combine the two! Invest in rental tents and encourage everyone to bring a delicious dish and their old threads that they want to part with. For added fun, create a makeshift runway by lining a red carpet walkway (use cheap dollar store fabric!) with black folding rental chairs, and let the fashion show commence.

So what are you waiting for? Get planning and enjoy your unique summer parties!